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Lisa Luree is a seasoned Lenormand/Tarot reader.  She has been reading for others for over 30 years and has been a lifelong student of learning the symbolism and archetypes found in the cards.  This symbolism is often found in her art, and Lisa's passion for Tarot led her to illustrate all 21 Majors of the Tarot.  She has plans to illustrate Lenormand as well, creating a fusion of the two methods, which is how she reads today.   


A typical reading takes 30-55 minutes.  Your reading will address and highlight the issues your guides wish for you to address on your path in this life.  Questions are welcome and answered during your reading.  Readings can be conducted in person at Valkarie Gallery in Lakewood, CO;  via Zoom, Text or Email.  Please check the schedule for available appointments.





Lisa also reads for parties and events, "dresses the part," and brings everything needed for a professional presentation.  Please email for details.

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