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Lisa luree


Watercolor artist and Denver native, Lisa Luree has been immersed in the arts since she was able to hold a brush. Her mother recognized her talents and actively participated in getting her the instruction and support that has made her the artist she is today.


Lisa’s paintings range from her trademark skeletons to fantasy creatures and nudes. She lightens darker subject matter with vibrant colors and iridescent pigments that catch the light in a playful way. Her pieces are sometimes carefully planned, but Luree also embraces the spontaneous process – letting images form as she paints. She believes letting creativity flow unobstructed allows an artist to tap the collective unconscious and draw archetypal symbolism into their art.


It is no surprise that her biggest influences are her family and friends. Alongside the encouragement from her mother, Lisa studied under a superstitious China painting instructor who opened her mind to fantasy and exploration of the imagination. In addition, her husband whose mechanical ingenuity and keen sense of the obvious helps her hone the final product.

Lisa Luree is also the founder of the ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals) movement which led to her winning eBay’s Community Hall of Fame Award.

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